New control: Date input

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One of the latest updates to BaseCase Interactive is the addition of the date input control, which provides a convenient means for entering a date into your BaseCase apps.

This opens up a wide range of potential applications, such as:

  • Providing start and end dates in dosage calculators
  • Calculating costs/savings between two dates
  • Entering dates in a survey or questionnaire
  • Dating the generation of a PDF report
  • Allowing computations with respect to the current date

Entering a date is quick and intuitive: click/tap on the input field to reveal an interactive calendar.


The date input control can be used in conjunction with the BC.TEXT() function to return a number in a specified date format, as text. This allows you to embed formatted dates inside text controls such as text areas and labels.

Plus, you can also:

  • Style the input field
  • Specify the available date range
  • Configure date formats using Locale settings

The date input control is available now. Drag one in from the Toolbox and see how you can use it in your next project.

Alongside the date input control, we also released a brand new video control that allows for inline HD video playback. Check out the demo video to see it in action.

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