BaseCase Portal vs. website-based distribution methods

Posted by Tom Hemy on Portal

Within the life sciences industry, digital product resources are commonly distributed to payers, providers, and HCPs through the use of custom password-protected websites. But with the increased use of smartphones and tablets in clinical settings, it is now more convenient for resources to be...

Certara Launches BaseCase® Portal™

Posted by Tom Hemy on Portal

PRINCETON, NJ – Sept. 26, 2018 – Certara®, the global leader in model-informed drug development, regulatory science, market access and real-world evidence solutions, announced today the launch of its BaseCase Portal cloud-based platform, that allows for the rapid creation of fully-customizable...

Announcing the launch of BaseCase Portal

Posted by Tom Hemy on Product Announcement, Portal

It’s common practice for life science companies to provide third parties—such as payers, providers, and HCPs—with a range of digital resources. These resources are often distributed through a custom password-protected website and are intended to optimize product utilization and patient care, in...

BaseCase adds SQL support

Posted by Tom Hemy on SQL, data manager

We’re excited to announce that BaseCase Data Manager now supports the use of SQL, which allows for the quick and efficient use of large databases. This update enables app developers to incorporate much larger, and more complex databases that comprise hundreds of thousands of rows into Basecase...

Successfully integrating claims data into effective mobile value communication tools

Posted by Tom Hemy on Claims Data, Value communication

Claims data is a valuable resource for medical device and diagnostics companies as it can be used to demonstrate the impact of new products in the real world. This makes it particularly useful when communicating the value of a product to hospital decision makers, as they increasingly require...

How medical device and diagnostic field teams are utilizing claims data

Posted by Tom Hemy on Claims Data, Value communication

Claims data is available to medical device and diagnostic companies from a variety of sources, such as the CMS in the US. It is a highly valuable resource as it can be used to demonstrate the impact of a product in the real world. This has led to claims data being particularly useful in the...

Table control refresh brings new design options

Posted by Jack Pendleton on BCI, control, refresh
The Table control is an essential element of almost every BaseCase app and has recently received a refresh to further extend its flexibility and styling possibilities. The refresh has brought a number of updates ranging from new layouts and additional properties to textual inputs.

Expand your global communication strategy with improved support for right-to-left text

The BaseCase platform is uniquely suited to facilitate coordinated rollouts of global market access campaigns. Unlike custom-built, standalone mobile apps, BaseCase apps can be quickly and efficiently adapted to suit different markets using input provided by local affiliates. This allows you to...

How pharma companies are using real-world data in the field

Posted by Tom Hemy on RWD, Real-world data, Value communication

Real-world data (RWD) is available to pharma companies from a variety of sources, for example, the QOF and HES in the UK. It has proven to be a highly valuable resource as it can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of a drug outside of controlled clinical environments. As a result, this has...

Enhance your brand recognition with Board background and Meetings customizations

Posted by Jack Pendleton on Meetings, stakeholder engagement

Since its launch in September 2017, the Board view has helped users to locate and launch their apps with ease. The Board’s modern, touch-friendly interface provides a new card-based grid layout, in combination with a board filter, and an app quick-launch feature, streamlining the user experience...

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