BaseCase 2018 Year in Review

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Through the launch of brand new add-ons and continuous updates to our existing products, the BaseCase platform evolves each year to ensure it remains the leading value communication platform for the life sciences industry. 2018 was a busy year for us, and we’re happy to share some of our most exciting new releases and updates from the past 12 months.

BaseCase 2018 Year in Review

BaseCase Portal

BaseCase Portal is the fastest way to provide third parties—such as payers, providers, and HCPs—with access to fully-compliant mobile apps via iPhone or tablet devices.

Portal provides quick and secure access to BaseCase apps, online or offline, following a user-friendly enrollment process. And, as a white label solution, Portal can also be customized to reflect your corporate identity, providing users with a consistent brand experience.

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Learn more about how you can utilize BaseCase Portal with The BaseCase Guide to Digital Resource Distribution. The guide outlines common problems encountered when sharing content with third parties and how Portal was designed to overcome them.

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BaseCase Toolkits

BaseCase Toolkits allows you to add further content distribution functionality to BaseCase Interactive by bundling apps, product evidence, and marketing assets into user-friendly, easy-access, branded toolkits.

Simply upload your static assets—such as PDFs, slide decks, and videos—along with any BaseCase apps, in just a few clicks. Once all the required content has been added to a toolkit and organized into relevant folders, you can distribute the entire toolkit to field teams in a single sharing action.

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Our newly published guide, How to Take Control of Your Digital Content in the Field, outlines common issues associated with distributing content to field teams and goes on to explain how BaseCase Toolkits provides a quick, simple, and efficient solution.

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BaseCase Data Manager

BaseCase Data Manager now supports the use of SQL, which allows for the quick and efficient use of large, complex databases.

Use dynamic filters or SQL queries to quickly select relevant data and replace complicated, error-prone H- and VLOOKUP formulas with succinct SQL SELECT queries. This allows you to create interactive, data-driven mobile tools powered by real-world data sources, such as claims, costs, quality, outcomes, and population data.

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Such large, complex databases are an increasingly important part of communicating product value to payers. However, there are challenges associated with integrating these databases—often spanning hundreds of thousands of rows—into mobile value communication tools for stakeholder engagement.

Using our set of guides, you can learn how to successfully integrate complex data into effective mobile value communication tools.

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