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To maintain customer attention throughout an engagement, presenters need every tool available to capture and hold interest. 

BaseCase users have long benefited from adaptable content, allowing them to effectively deliver key value messages, regardless of available facetime. Now, the new video control provides another option to seize customer attention early and maintain it throughout your presentation.

Video has the ability to enhance text or clarify new concepts and ideas more effectively than any other medium. The emotive potential of video also makes content much more compelling to audiences. However, while video is undoubtedly powerful, it should be used judiciously: it’s all too easy for video to interrupt presentation flow. Also, given the all-pervasive nature of video in modern society—on TV, or the web—audience standards and expectations are high. BaseCase Interactive’s new video control was designed to address these issues.

Unlike other video playback options, BaseCase Interactive’s video control is extremely versatile. It can be combined with other controls, opening up a whole spectrum of creative options for seamlessly integrating video into your content. This means that on BaseCase, your videos can be presented in novel, memorable ways, setting your content apart from the competition.

Furthermore, the video control supports HD videos up to 300MB, so you can show off every pixel using your chosen device, be it on iPad or Windows.

To see how you can use the video control in your content, check out the following demo app, which includes:

  • inline, integrated videos
  • customized play buttons
  • motion backgrounds
  • animated menus

The video control is available now to all BaseCase users—drag one in from the Toolbox to get started!

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