Table control refresh brings new design options

Posted by Jack Pendleton on BCI, control, refresh
The Table control is an essential element of almost every BaseCase app and has recently received a refresh to further extend its flexibility and styling possibilities. The refresh has brought a number of updates ranging from new layouts and additional properties to textual inputs.

App Export: a new type of tailored leave behind

Posted by Jack Pendleton on BCI, Value communication

Tailored leave behinds are a great way to support and guide the payer decision-making process. Post-engagement, a leave behind summarizing the discussed inputs and calculations not only helps to promote transparency and form a positive lasting impression, but also provides a high-quality...

Create full-screen BaseCase iPad apps for use on Windows devices

Posted by Jack Pendleton on BCI, Full-screen, ipad, windows

Since June 2017, we’ve been rolling out updates that have allowed BaseCase apps to be presented in a whole new way, providing support for full-screen display on both iPad and Windows devices. 


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