The Hidden Costs of Custom Software Projects

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The rise of mobile and social technologies has influenced the way sales and marketing teams engage with customers. In addition to this, increasing budgetary pressures have created a demand for new value communication methods. This has fueled the use of mobile sales tools to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of new products.

For a mobile sales tool to be effective in face-to-face meetings, it needs to be both user friendly, and easy to understand—this is no easy task. Therefore, many market access teams choose to outsource this job to an agency who will then develop a custom software tool using HTML5 developers.


Such a tool will meet your short-term requirements; however, they often come with a variety of hidden costs, for example:

Intense up-front planning

Because outsourcing a custom software project is so expensive, and any changes compound the costs, every stage must be planned out up-front in excruciating levels of detail. You need to explain to the project manager exactly what the tool must contain and be able to do.

The specification of your project must be fully developed before the project starts, including all the details, such as navigation and page layout.

This extensive up-front planning requires immense time investment, and including additional key stakeholders—such as field team members or other affiliates—will delay your project further.

The above example is an extract from our recently published guide entitled, The top 5 hidden costs of creating mobile sales tools. The guide details common issues associated with using HTML5 developers to create custom software.

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