Table control refresh brings new design options

Posted by Jack Pendleton on BCI, control, refresh
The Table control is an essential element of almost every BaseCase app and has recently received a refresh to further extend its flexibility and styling possibilities. The refresh has brought a number of updates ranging from new layouts and additional properties to textual inputs.
One of the most powerful updates for developers is to Table layouts, which now come in two types: either Auto or Fixed. The traditional Auto layout updates automatically to accommodate the cell contents, whereas the new Fixed layout uses fixed column widths. Both layout types have new border, background, and padding properties, and fixed layout tables also have the following new properties:
  • Cell padding
  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling
  • Vertical cell alignment control
  • Modern Input Field styling
  • Text wrapping and whitespace preservation within Label and Link cells

All this combines to provide developers with much greater control over their table designs.


Additionally, the Table control now supports textual input, which can help to reduce the complexity and improve the maintainability of apps. For example, layouts that previously required a 'custom' table created by combining several controls can now be accomplished using Text Input cells within a single Table control. This greatly reduces development time, decreases maintenance time, and limits the risk of cross-browser alignment issues. It’s also possible to emit textual data into these Text Input cells, facilitating more interactive designs and the creation of advanced tables.

If you’re interested in exploring the new Table properties, they are live on the platform. BaseCase subscribers can also copy an example app to their account:

Copy to my account

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