Successfully integrating claims data into effective mobile value communication tools

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Claims data is a valuable resource for medical device and diagnostics companies as it can be used to demonstrate the impact of new products in the real world. This makes it particularly useful when communicating the value of a product to hospital decision makers, as they increasingly require extensive evidence that proves a product’s effectiveness and overall value.

When using claims data to communicate the value of a product to decision makers, it is common for field teams to use a variety of mobile value communication tools. However, there are numerous compliance concerns associated with using claims data to power such tools. For example, ensuring that field teams are only using the most up-to-date versions of tools and that only error-free data is available for use in the field.


But without a process for providing timely updates to field teams, they may be tempted to utilize new data themselves. For example, by manually copy-and-pasting data from databases into presentations on an ad-hoc basis. This process is not only time-consuming, but also error-prone, and very risky from a compliance perspective.

Updating and deploying value communication tools centrally, using a cloud-based content management system would eliminate the use of error-prone processes and reduce compliance risk. Administrators would then be able to gain greater control over their field tools and ensure that field teams are using only the most up-to-date data. 

An added benefit would also be faster legal re-approval and less down-time. Compared to the re-submission of an HTML5 tool, the functional implementation would not require such a strict examination, as only the database gets swapped out and no code as such.

The above extract was taken from our recently published guide, Successfully integrating claims data into effective mobile value communication tools.

Download the guide to learn how to overcome common difficulties associated with using claims data in your value communication tools.

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