Expand your global communication strategy with improved support for right-to-left text

The BaseCase platform is uniquely suited to facilitate coordinated rollouts of global market access campaigns. Unlike custom-built, standalone mobile apps, BaseCase apps can be quickly and efficiently adapted to suit different markets using input provided by local affiliates. This allows you to implement a consistent, global communication strategy and results in shorter time-to-market, greater asset reuse, reduced duplication of effort, and a greater long-term ROI.

One of the key BaseCase features that facilitates this is the Locale manager, which is used to fine-tune number, currency, percentage, and date formatting. And now support for right-to-left (RTL) scripts—such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu—has been significantly improved, allowing natural entry and display of RTL text. Key controls—including the Text Area, Text Field, Label, Vertical Label, Link, and Button—now fully support RTL text direction, which can either be set using the Locale manager, or specified on a per-control basis.


Also, to better accommodate RTL scripts and assist with the localization process, an app’s layout can now be 'flipped', so that the position of each control is horizontally inverted.

Get in touch if you or your team are interested in developing a global rollout strategy using BaseCase, and taking advantage of over 10 years experience in global market access.

Both Roche and Otsuka are already making BaseCase a central component of their global market access strategy. Find out how:


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