BaseCase launches the App Board for enhanced customer engagement

Posted by Tom Hemy on Customer Engagement

We are excited to announce the App Board, an update to the home page which improves how users display and launch their apps. The App Board provides an enhanced user experience and makes the sales workflow more streamlined. Additionally, this update now makes the home page display more impactful...

New add-on: BaseCase Meetings

Posted by Jack Pendleton on New

We’ve recently announced BaseCase Meetings, the latest add-on to the BaseCase platform. Meetings allows you to track customer engagements in your organization and provides a convenient sales workflow to increase the productivity of your field teams.

Product Launch: increase the productivity of your field teams using BaseCase Meetings

Posted by Tom Hemy on New

We’re very excited about our latest product, BaseCase Meetings: a new add-on designed to increase the productivity of your field teams by providing a seamless sales experience.

Create button groups in seconds

Posted by Jack Pendleton on Update

A button group is a sequence of buttons, positioned in order to appear connected. Previously, creating a typical button group required three different button styles to account for the different borders. The button control's new Grouping property allows you to create button groups using just one...

The top 2 use cases of value-based pricing tools

Currently, one of the main trends within the life sciences industry is the move from cost-based pricing towards value-based pricing. The main benefit of value-based pricing tools is that they provide transparency: the product’s value contribution to the end user is clear. With such tools, field...

New control: Date input

Posted by Jack Pendleton on New

One of the latest updates to BaseCase Interactive is the addition of the date input control, which provides a convenient means for entering a date into your BaseCase apps.

How UK market access teams can better engage budget holders using large NHS datasets

Data sources such as the HES or QOF provide UK pharma companies with rich data on NHS hospitals. Because of its high impact, data from such sources is increasingly being incorporated into presentations and interactive tools for field teams. Giving customers new insights into their own data is a...

How to utilize video content during customer engagements

Posted by Tom Hemy on

We have recently added a brand new video control to BaseCase Interactive, providing you with even more options to engage with your audience and effectively deliver key value messages. 

See the new video control in action

Posted by Jack Pendleton on New

To maintain customer attention throughout an engagement, presenters need every tool available to capture and hold interest. BaseCase users have long benefited from adaptable content, allowing them to effectively deliver key value messages, regardless of available facetime. Now, the new video...

Product announcement: Increase the productivity of your field teams with BaseCase Meetings

Posted by Nemanja Milisavljevic on

We are very excited about the upcoming August release of BaseCase Meetings—a new add-on that allows BaseCase users to efficiently track customer engagements, easily share content from within presentations, and reduce the admin burden on field team members.

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