Leverage your mobile sales tools across markets and create global synergies

Field representatives of life science companies utilize a variety of mobile sales tools to effectively engage with payers, providers, and healthcare professionals. Such tools have enhanced customer engagement throughout the industry by helping to simplify complex value messages, and significantly increase the relevance of each presentation.

Ideally, mobile sales tools would be used across multiple regions; however, such collaborations between affiliates have proved to be difficult as different healthcare markets require different information. Additionally, collaborations can only occur when an efficient workflow is in place.


In an effort to utilize mobile sales tools across markets, global headquarters will sometimes initiate the development of “one-size-fits-all” tools and adapt them to meet local requirements. Although this is often costly in terms of both time and resources, which results in poor uptake by affiliates. Alternatively, affiliates may create their own tools for local use in isolation, but this often leads to a huge duplication of effort.

What is needed is a platform that facilitates synergies and collaboration.

BaseCase allows global headquarters to develop ‘core’ tools for affiliates that can be easily adapted to meet the needs of their own healthcare markets.

Using a built-in translation workflow, tools can be quickly converted into different languages. The Locale feature then allows number, currency and percentage formats to be fine-tuned to suit local requirements.

Besides reduced management requirements and lower costs, by adapting mobile sales tools for use across markets global2local and local2local (i.e. collaborations within a region, business unit, or brand) synergies are developed.

The extract above was taken from our recently published white paper, The BaseCase Platform: A comprehensive guide. Download the resource to learn how you could use BaseCase to reduce the inefficiencies throughout the entire lifecycle of your mobile sales tools.

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