How to utilize video content during customer engagements

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We have recently added a brand new video control to BaseCase Interactive, providing you with even more options to engage with your audience and effectively deliver key value messages. 

The video control makes it simple to include inline video in your BaseCase content. This means users needn’t leave their presentation to play a video and are able to maintain the flow of their pitch, without interruption.

The video control also includes a number of useful properties, like looped playback and autoplay. However, the most powerful feature is the ability to combine with other controls—such as buttons and hotspots—allowing you to create custom playback options.

To see how you can use the video control in your content, check out the demo app below:

The versatility of the video control allows for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Embedded animations. Video is routinely touted as the best way to learn and remember information. It is also the preferred method of engagement on mobile devices. With the new video control you can now include high definition animations to clarify complex surgical procedures, explain the material properties of a new product, or illustrate a drug’s mechanism of action to add value to your pitch and make it more memorable.
  • Product videos and patient testimonials. Including product videos to provide a brief overview of the products background is extremely useful for busy audiences with limited facetime. Using patient testimonials also gives your pitch more emotive power, making the presentation more relatable.
  • Video backgrounds. The use of video backgrounds has been a growing trend in web design recently. Tests have shown they encourage audience engagement and make for easier communication of complex, holistic messages, like atmospheres or certain emotions. The video control has a number of features—such as autoplay, looped playback and mute audio—that allow you to utilize this modern technique in your BaseCase content.

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