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Since June 2017, we’ve been rolling out updates that have allowed BaseCase apps to be presented in a whole new way, providing support for full-screen display on both iPad and Windows devices. 

Existing apps—created before these updates—will continue to be displayed as before. For existing apps to take advantage of any new presentation features, they will need to be manually upgraded. See Guide: Full-Screen Apps for more information.
Full-screen display places a greater focus on your content, and provides an immersive experience for your audience, free from distractions. To achieve this, we’ve introduced a new discreet UI, comprising the app menu and app overview.

After launching an app, the app menu is displayed briefly and then auto-hides. It can then be recalled by tapping on any non-functional part of the interface (A), or moving your mouse pointer to the 'top' border of the app (B). If enabled, the app overview then provides a clickable list of all available pages for quick navigation, and can be displayed by tapping on the ‘film strip’ icon in the app menu (1). You can then select a page from the swipeable list of thumbnails (2), and search for a page using the search box (3):
Furthermore, the BaseCase iPad app even hides the system status menu, allowing you to make the most of every single pixel.

But that’s not all: BaseCase app developers can now design full-screen content for iPad that also works on Windows devices. Following the latest update to the BaseCase Windows app (3.2.0), content can now stretch to fit the available screen space, no matter what dimensions it was originally designed for. This significantly reduces development costs—since you don’t need to design for multiple devices—and provides the freedom to upgrade your presentation devices, without having to worry about migration costs.
Contact for more information, or if you're attending, ask for a demo at ISPOR Glasgow.

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