What if building mobile sales tools was as easy as creating any other business document?

Tablet devices have radically changed how life science field teams engage with customers. Previously, field teams used a range of bulky, generic product brochures; now, just one device can store any number of sophisticated, interactive sales tools that can adapt to meet the needs of every stakeholder.

Interactive sales tools aren’t just favored by field teams; a large majority of doctors report that they prefer them over traditional brochures. Since their introduction, the demand for high-quality interactive sales tools has only grown.

However, despite the rising demand, other deliverables—such as Excel models, slide decks and word documents—are still prevalent. It is well-understood that using external agencies to create these deliverables is often a hindrance, and much more expensive than producing them in-house. However, this is not the case when creating mobile sales tools, where external HTML5 developers are still commonly involved, often leading to a variety of hidden costs.

hidden-costs-sales-tools guide

What if you could make changes to your mobile sales tools as easily as any other business document? With BaseCase, you can edit sales apps, just like you would other business documents—such as PowerPoint presentations or Excel files.

BaseCase Interactive allows you to develop and modify interactive sales tools in-house, using a powerful, browser-based drag-and-drop editor.

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