Enhance your brand recognition with Board background and Meetings customizations

Posted by Jack Pendleton on Meetings, stakeholder engagement

Since its launch in September 2017, the Board view has helped users to locate and launch their apps with ease. The Board’s modern, touch-friendly interface provides a new card-based grid layout, in combination with a board filter, and an app quick-launch feature, streamlining the user experience and making it much more visually impactful.

Following a positive response from users, we wanted to further develop the Board’s utility through the introduction of custom branded backgrounds. When engaging with payers, it’s important to provide a consistent branding experience across all channels and touchpoints. And since the Board is regularly viewed during engagements, it's an excellent opportunity to enhance brand recognition.

The Board background image can be customized on a per-domain basis. If your organization is not yet benefiting from a custom Board background, domain administrators can contact support@basecase.com to arrange a complimentary, custom-designed background image that meets your company branding guidelines.

A custom Board background image.

For BaseCase Meetings subscribers, meeting summaries can also be fully branded with a background image, in addition to a multitude of configuration options. Meeting summaries are microsites that contain basic details of a meeting, along with any added attachments. Customizing your meeting summary template to match your brand guidelines provides another opportunity to enhance brand recognition.

meeting-summaryA customized meeting summary.

Again, domain administrators can contact support@basecase.com to arrange a complimentary, custom-branded meeting summary template for your organization.

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