App Export: a new type of tailored leave behind

Posted by Jack Pendleton on BCI, Value communication

Tailored leave behinds are a great way to support and guide the payer decision-making process. Post-engagement, a leave behind summarizing the discussed inputs and calculations not only helps to promote transparency and form a positive lasting impression, but also provides a high-quality touchpoint that allows you to continue the dialog and shape the conversation.

BaseCase users have always been able to create tailored leave behinds in the form of dynamically generated PDF reports. Using a simple markup language, reports could be written to automatically include user input data and results, along with individual graphs or tables.

Now, the newly released App Export feature allows you to generate a document containing a full export of the app—in PDF or PowerPoint formats. And just like a report, it can be downloaded, emailed, or added as a trackable Meetings attachment.

App Export: generate a document containing a full export of the app
—in PDF or PowerPoint formats.

App Export provides comprehensive configuration options so you can specify exactly what should be included in the document. You can choose: the page size and orientation, which pages or popups are exported, whether all Tab Box and Slideshow views are included, as well as if references or annotations should be added.

App Export documents provide full transparency as each included page is exported exactly as it was presented using the current user inputs and resulting visualizations. Also, compared to a purely textual report, App Export provides richer graphics, and helps to reinforce the value messages delivered during the engagement.

You can add a new App Export from the Documents panel of the BaseCase Editor:

app-export-annotated(1) Click on the 'Documents panel' icon. (2) Click the ‘plus’ icon. (3) Click App Export.

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