BaseCase launches the App Board for enhanced customer engagement

Posted by Tom Hemy on Customer Engagement

We are excited to announce the App Board, an update to the home page which improves how users display and launch their apps. The App Board provides an enhanced user experience and makes the sales workflow more streamlined. Additionally, this update now makes the home page display more impactful and the layout more touch-friendly.

App Board enahncedcustomer engagement

The new BaseCase App Board has three key features to enhance customer engagements:

  • Improved UI for touch screens. Designed specifically to benefit touchscreen devices, with a greater visual focus on each app’s thumbnail, users can now locate and launch content with ease.
  • Customizable app selection. Users can specify exactly which type of apps are displayed on the App Board. As the new primary view for the home page, this provides a more streamlined user experience.
  • App quick-launch. The new App Board represents BaseCase apps using app cards. App cards comprise a large preview thumbnail, allowing users to easily identify a desired app. Simply tapping/clicking on an app card launches the app immediately.

The App Board will be deployed to all customers automatically on September 24, 2017. A notification explaining the changes will be sent out in advance of this release.

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